domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

Letter to my relatives

Dear parents,                                                                                                             5th, February, 1947

I'am writing to you in order to let you know what is going on, of course, everything is new and delicious for me: new experiencies are waiting for me and i don't want to be quiet.
From the weather to the people is different here, new sensations! Fortunately, i could rent a kind of house (it's difficult to explain) and I'm living  there since the beginning of January. I'm living with  four girls from different countries: Jenny, who is from the the United States; Ornella, who is from Italy; Isabel, who is from Spain and Rose, who is from England, I'm extremely glad, I'm still can't believe it what is happening to me, all of them are beutiful people and fortunately we share a lot of things.
Next week, I'm writing to you to let you now more about me.
Kisses, Candela ! XXX OOO

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